Do you ever wish you could reach out and get support for issues as they come up in your day to day life?

Do you find you are too busy/life is too chaotic for a traditional sit- down-and-do-a-session type package?

Have you worked with a coach, therapist or healer in the past and felt like soooo many things came up between sessions that you really wished you could get some instant support on?

I know that has happened to me many times. I had a therapist once that I could not even email, or reach out to at all inbetween sessions.

This is why I created my Voxer Coaching and Healing Sessions.

It's like having me in your back pocket!

I want people to get the support they need as they need it.

Who is it for?

Are you in the middle of a life transition?

Have a business idea/project you have been stuck on?

Feel stuck in an area of life? Relationships, Career, Finances, Health?

Ready to step into the next evolution of your life, but don’t know where to start?

Tired of being hard on yourself, stuck in old patterns?

If you answered yes to any of these this is for you!

This is not the package for you if you are needing deeper emotional and/or trauma processing, that would be with one of my one on one zoom packages where we can deep dive into that kind of work-message me for that link.

How Does it Work?

Voxer is a voice and text memo app that keeps all of our conversations in one secure place.

Any time you need support 24/7 you reach out to me and leave a voice memo, or note.

I respond M-F 9-5pm EST

Saturdays 10-12pm EST

I will respond with tools, techniques, coaching and/or energy healing over whatever you reach out to me about. Like having me in your back pocket at all times!!  

If you find you are busy and that traditional sessions don't work as well for you, you might really like this format. It's easy, convenient and available as often as you need it.

Monthly and weekly options available.

***Note if you are a new client, please first do the new client special with a 1.5 hour zoom healing session to set the baseline and then you receive a week of Voxer Coaching. A link to my calendar will be sent to you after booking.

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Your Coach and Healer on This Journey

Hi, I'm Erin McGuire. I am a natural born healer, Reiki Master Teacher, 500-ERYT Yoga Teacher Trainer, Strategic Interventionist +Somatic Coach and Spiritual Mentor.

Imagine having me in your corner supporting you through it all with over 14 years of experience using Theta healing, Reiki, Inner Child/Shadow work, Nervous System Healing, Somatic work, EFT, Coaching, Human needs psychology and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't like to leave voice memos, can I text in Voxer?

Yes! However you want to communicate works.

How often can I leave messages?

You can leave as many messages as you want 24/7. I get back to you when I can the same day. My hours are M-F 9-5pm and Saturdays 10-12pm. EST Sundays off.

What If I end up not needing support the week/month I purchase?

You have 15 days to use your weekly coaching (can only be used one week of those 15 days) and 30 days to use your monthly coaching. Once you send your first message is when the week, or month will start.

You may be surprised how often you use the support as things come up throughout the week, or month.

How do I start?

Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on getting the Voxer app on your phone, some questions to fill out from me and you will let me know when you are ready to begin.

Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself wanting to add another week, or month, simply purchase the coaching again.