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See What People are Saying About the 21 Day Healing Program:

"I have practiced the 21 Day Program to completion twice in a year. As you get to know Erin and her practice, you will find that her methods beautifully combine psychology and spirituality to guide you in deeply remembering your power. I now find effortless access to deep gratitude. Yes, even though 2020… I’ve never felt more grateful or more myself. I continue to practice some of my favorite teachings from the program and continue to continue to be connected to some of the other women who participated alongside me. I am now radiating with love and light, and those close to me have taken notice. I still have so much to unravel, but I can continually return to Erin’s methods to slowly dismantle the old programs I felt trapped in. I now trust my ability to create a life I love and let go of what I no longer want to carry." 

K.M., IA

"Previously, I suffered from insomnia, anxiety and digestion issues, but as a direct result of working with Erin, my symptoms have subsided and most, days they seem like they never existed. I highly recommend working with Erin, if you feel like you are stuck in your life and need help in clearing obstacles."

Christine, NY

"If you have ever been wondering how to start a journey into self-love, understanding, and deep healing, I highly suggest 21 Day Healing Program. The value of the program is unmatched and keeps all the materials forever. I completed the program at the end of April 2020. During the 21 Days, I was presented with tools I continue to use, I was presented with tools I continue to utilize and a group of powerful people who supported me through the program and continue today. I truly believe we are being called in these difficult times to heal and bring our light and love to the world."

Kristen, IA

"I highly recommend this program if you are ready to begin, or continue on your personal healing journey. This program provides many helpful exercises and meditations for relaxation as you work on issues and challenges you are looking to overcome."

Jennifer, CO