Empowerment is a Process

My definition is the process of moving through our old patterns, programs and habits that keep us limited, so we can step into who we truly are.

Being Empowered Is:

Setting boundaries with ease

Not feeling guilty for taking care of you

Making bold moves towards your goals

Emotional empowerment and freedom

No longer worried what others think

You feel confident, believe in yourself and trust yourself

Healthy relationships

More abundance and so much more!

My name is Erin and I struggled with all of the below. Growing up in an alcoholic home there was a lot of trauma that got wired in my brain.

I was afraid of my own power, couldn't set boundaries and was the Queen of people pleasing.

Through this work I have helped myself and many others unravel old patterns and claim their worthiness and alignment.

Who is Empowered Women For?

If you answer yes to any of the following:

Say yes to others when you want to say no

Have difficulty knowing your feelings and needs while in discussion with others

If you find yourself being extremely bothered when others are upset with something you said, or did

If you crave approval or praise in order to feel good about yourself

If you avoid speaking up in order to avoid conflict

If you struggle with excessive comparison to others

If you believe mistakes = failure

If you put excessive pressure on yourself

If you suppress your emotions or "pretend" you are ok when you are not

If you have a need to be needed in order to feel alive

If you repress your own needs and put your attention into others

If you are chronically busy (a tool we use to avoid feeling)

These are all patterns that got wired in us from childhood. If any of this is you, don't worry, it can all be re-wired.

Each month we will be learning about the subconscious mind and becoming more aware of these patterns when they come up and energy activations to rewire the subconscious mind.

Expect to walk away with new tools, feeling lighter and more empowered to take your own healing in your hands!

Each Month You Will Receive:

A Powerful Guided Meditation

Each month there will be a theme we will be working with and you will receive one of my powerful guided meditations to help you re-wire your brain and awaken your consciousness and intuition.

A Powerful Energy Activation

Each month you receive a 30 min recorded energy activation. Using theta healing, I help you clear limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind and release energy blocks in your body. This works wherever you are and whenever you listen to it more will unravel.

Soul Worksheet

Each month you receive a soul worksheet to help you go deeper into your soul work and unravel the patterns and programs that keep you stuck in old habits.

Choose a Pricing Option


Monthly Recurring

Just give us a 30 day notice and you can cancel any time

This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.

Yearly Price

I hope you will join me on this journey to more awareness, intuition, and alignment with who you truly are!