An energy healing that can help with many different things, like moving emotional energy, boost immune system, relieve aches and pains, give you more energy/release fatigue and more.

I also draw Tarot and Oracle cards that I use to help me in the session.

This is not an in person, or on zoom session.

We won't be on a zoom call. You pick a time you can relax for 30 min (sitting up, or laying down-if you fall asleep it is totally ok!) and I do an entire energy clearing/healing for you and pick many cards (tarot and oracle cards).

I email you all the pictures and meanings of the cards, and any intuitive information that comes through during the session.

You may feel energy moving if you are sensitive to energy, or you may feel lighter as I do the work and after the session.

Check out what people are saying about the distance healing sessions!

"Wow. As usual you are spot on.

While I was laying down I just kept thinking my legs are so heavy and I am stuck. 

I felt better and more energy right after. So thank you. For that." Deb, IA  

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Hi, I'm Erin McGuire. I am a natural born healer, Reiki Master Teacher, 500-ERYT Yoga Teacher Trainer, Strategic Interventionist +Somatic Coach and Spiritual Mentor.

Imagine having me in your corner supporting you through it all with over 14 years of experience using Theta healing, Reiki, Inner Child/Shadow work, Nervous System Healing, Somatic work, EFT, Coaching, Human needs psychology and more.